We are committed to bringing the World's best Weight Loss plan to people. We are only interested in the truth about weight loss. This is the only plan in the World to include the 3 essential keys to weight loss!

Welcome to System 10 - rarely will you find a top class genuine product with a top class, low cost sales success plan - this is it - the opportunity to become a franchise owner of a SYSTEM 10 weight loss clinic.  Set up costs are tiny compared with most franchises and while you can enjoy great financial rewards it will also allow you to also have a ‘life' and not be under continuous work pressure.

System 10 has been successfully based in Ireland for the last 4 years and has expanded to over 15 counties with over 25 franchise outlets. We are continuously looking to progress and develop throughout Ireland and are now in a position to develop the UK and USA markets.


The shocking truth about weight loss and body shaping is that we make it a lot harder than it has to be. We could be getting way more spectacular results for a lot less pain and effort. When it comes to weight loss and body shaping there are actually 3 critical keys. Diet and exercise, yes absolutely, critically important, but we leave out the most important and powerful key of all - metabolism!

Your metabolism controls your weight loss and body shaping ‘switch'. It is the foundation upon which the effects of diet and exercise are built. It opens the doors to getting way more results from any dieting or exercise you do. Nothing can compensate for a bad metabolism. Metabolism faults like sluggish thyroid (35% of adults), constipation (40% adults), high blood sugar (50% of adults) and toxic liver, can limit or stop your weight loss and body shaping no matter how much dieting or exercise you do! On the other hand, too much dieting and exercise will slow your metabolism and limit results too.

The 3 keys together make the ultimate weight loss and body shaping plan. The 3 keys are absolutely critical because each one relies on the others to be effective and because each key contributes unique benefits that the other keys do not e.g. if you lose weight without exercising you end up a saggy baggy mess! The 3 keys together give way more spectacular results - up to 3 times the results of other plans and here is why.

A good metabolism burns more fat every hour, 24 hours a day! This is one of the main reasons why it is so effective. But there is more, much much more! A good metabolism is the only way to:

  • Lose real weight and avoid the false weight (water loss!) loss you get from most plans.
  • Controls cravings and energy
  • Shift stubborn fat and cellulite (controlled by hormone imbalances and toxins!)
  • Lose weight from the ‘right' places and not the ‘wrong' places
  • Re-balance ‘top' and ‘bottom' heavy bodies (mainly controlled by hormone imbalances!)
  • Improves many causes of depression
  • Prevent ‘sticking' after 3 weeks (when weight loss stops!)
  • Best of all a good metabolism allows you to eat more and still lose more
  • Keep your weight off afterwards. 

Now for the first time ever Worldwide, System 10 brings you a plan with all 3 keys. Through our unique questionnaire we bring you a fully balanced step by step plan of normal natural foods, precision nutrition and exercise to fix your metabolism for the best and fastest weight loss and body shaping ever. It has a proven track record of people losing 1 stone and up to 2 sizes in 1 month! Suitable for women and men, you can get a 3, 6 or 12 week plan for Home or Gym. 

 As an agent of System 10 you will run a clinic where you will supply our professional weight loss plan to people in your area and then monitor them and motivate them to success. If you are a fitness trainer with access to a gym or fitness studio you have the option of running System 10 weight loss classes which provides even more discipline and motivation for your clients. Full intensive training provided and certification.


  1. A revolutionary weight loss solution
  2. Income in excess of €56,000 per annum
  3. Pre-designed full colour promotional material by the System 10 graphic design team.
  4. Step by step sales success plan
  5. Unbeatable advantage over your competitors
  6. The flexibility and freedom of your own business
  7. The option of an add-on to your existing business in this time of recession.
  8. Up to-date expert training on the concept, belief and delivery of our weight loss programme
  9. Continuous support and advice from our team of health, nutrition & fitness experts 
  10.  Low set up costs but high yield return.



System 10 weight loss has proven to be a highly successful business for me. The weight loss results and health benefits are fantastic and it's really brilliant to be able to offer such a genuine product and service to my customers. I became a consultant in October 2008 and have since left my full-time position as Assistant Manager of Sheraton Fitness, Athlone. System 10 has given me financial security. System 10 has everything to ensure your business success.  ANN QUIRKE, Roscommon Agent.

I have been a System 10 consultant for nearly 2 years now. Having lost 8 stone myself on the plan I really enjoy the buzz I get from helping people lose weight and most of them keeping it off afterwards. I have really built myself a good little side line and get 12 new clients now every month. I am now taking the route of super consultant where I can have my own little team of consultants working under me.  ADRIAN DEANE, Meath Agent.

System 10 weight loss is a great business opportunity. The product is fantastic. Clients get genuine weight loss and endless health benefits. From a business perspective, I sell ban average of 3 plans per week making €900. The promotional plan is excellent, really thorough with endless ideas and options. Last but not least, we get fantastic back up and encouragement from the team.  LYNDSEY DAVIS, Tipperary Agent.

For more information on becoming a System 10 franchisee please fill out the form below and a member of the team will be in touch.

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