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We all know the statistics: 57% of new businesses fail in the first year; 80% after 5 years. Aidan Murray, Managing Director of 360 Solutions UKI, says that this is not down to a lack of passion or poor products. The reason is that many people lack the business knowledge needed to succeed.

"My passion is in enabling people and organisations fulfil their potential. When the unique opportunity came to help people start, build and run their own training and consulting business, via what I consider to be the best materials and systems in the marketplace, I knew that I had to pounce or spend the rest of my days wondering "what if.....".   I had investigated up to a dozen training / consultancy franchises in the UK and Ireland but consistently ended up with, at a minimum, significant doubts about the value on offer to both franchisees and prospective customers.  No-one was more surprised than I was when a speculative enquiry to a US company called 360 Solutions ended up with my acquisition of the Master License for the UK and Ireland, such was the level of inspiration I drew from the offerings, systems, approach and values I encountered at 360."

While 360 Solutions trains strategic partners (or independent consultants) how to teach others to successfully run a business, we simultaneously show them how to use the same skills, systems and strategies to grow their own personal consultancy and training business.

360 Solutions is now in operation for 10 years with several hundred independent consultants worldwide. The best-of-breed materials were developed by a team of experts with more than 30 years of experience in training, consultation and organisational development. These folks tailored the strategies they had successfully deployed to help large corporations (such as P & G, Colgate, IBM) to similarly meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and independent consultants.

Aidan believes in giving his strategic partners the same type of support they give their clients. It starts with an intensive entrepreneur boot camp on how to start, build and grow a business. People leave the training with detailed action plans, broken down into 6-week, 6-month and 16-month increments. These action plans include weekly "accountability" conference calls to help retain focus, at home web-based trainings, annual global learning conferences etc. Other supports include a customised saturation marketing system to attract and retain clients, certification courses, train the trainer courses, networking and conference calls with successful consultants and trainers, 360 Solutions University, weekly video blogs, co-branded marketing materials, dozens of support CDs and DVDs and sales and operations manuals, as well as your own personal coach.

"One of the many factors which drew me to 360 Solutions was the balance of risk-sharing, expertise, a tried and trusted formula and ongoing support associated with any good franchise, alongside a flexibility which I had not encountered when researching other offerings in this area. Strategic partners, for example, are free to use the 360 Solutions product lines, along with any other products they feel are valuable. They select the name of their business and can private label all 360 Solutions products with their own names, slogans and logos. This leads to the unbeatable combination of professional, world class products being delivered by a local brand.

I was also very drawn to the fact that, as Master Licensee, my success is 100% dependent on the success of the independent consultants who sign up with 360 Solutions UKI. Once the initial license fee has been paid there are no more costs to the IC other than the cost of materials which are not purchased until the customers have been acquired ..... this ensures any prospective strategic partners that we will be 100% invested in their success.  Also, there are no territorial restrictions as, in an estimated E1.5 billion marketplace, it seems inappropriate to prevent someone from exploiting a good connection she might have outside of her own locality."

People can also select their level of investments. Investments for a substantial start-up business can range from E15,000 to E30,000, but people can begin for as little as E5,000 with a few products and training classes.

While the quality of the materials is of the highest order, and the "leaders' guides" are exceptional, the sheer breadth of the offerings ensure that any strategic partner can confidently meet with a prospective client, listen to what the specific needs of that business are, and construct a customised solution ... so there is no "hard-selling" a limited number of offerings or trying to convince someone that this is what they want. In addition to the > 140 classroom-based modules, we offer > 1500 e-learning modules of a very high standard, which offer an additional "low-touch" income and a phenomenal solutions offering.

This opportunity is ideal for someone who is passionate about inspiring peak performance and adding true value to individuals and organisations in their area, with a truly unique portfolio of solutions, while gaining professional standing as a business person in their community.

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